1.  Jan Jensonwill teach Old World Chip Carving for the beginner and more experienced carver.  Learn to do it with 3 easy cuts!  Glue the pattern on without having to do any drawing and start carving right away!  First, do a practice piece to learn the technique of Old World chip carving.  Students may then choose to carve a beautiful design on a single or two-deck card box, a single recipe box, a napkin holder, a picture frame, or a trivet.  The prices range from $12 to $27, depending of which project you choose.  Jan will provide wipe-on poly, a practice board, patterns, and have extra projects for purchase.  Her book, “Blue Ribbon Chip Carving” will also be available with complete instructions and many patterns. Students will need a chip carving knife, a light, and magnifying glasses (if necessary).  The instructor will have several chip carving knives available for purchase if you need to get one - ranging in price from $22 to $40.  Only one good knife is necessary for chip carving.  Class fee is $40.00.

Classes and Instructors for the 23rd Annual Musky Area Wood     Carvers Workshop August 13 - 16, 2019

8. Bob Harris will be teaching carving to paint.  An American Avocet will be carved and painted.  The bird will be stylized with a pitch-fork tine inserted for the bill, a method used by early hunters.  Blank, pitch fork tine, wood sealer, eyes and dowels will be provided.  Please bring picture references and a base (any shape, approx. 6 x8 inches.)  sharp knives, various grits of sandpaper, Quick-wood, and painting supplies are needed.  Paints needed: Burnt Sienna, Provincial Beige, Grey, Black and White gesso, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber and Raw Umber. Class size: 12. cost of class $15.00  Also, available will be a kit for a “Henry” shore bird for sale, $10.00


9. Dell and Sharon  Braunberger  Will lead you through the steps of carving a handle  for an EAGLE HEAD walking cane or walking stick. The head will be carved in Bass wood , the stick will be Diamond Willow.  Sharon will guide you through the painting of the head. Tools needed:  a sharp carving knife, a sharp v gouge, a cut proof carving glove. The cane head, diamond Willow stick, cane tip, paint and brushes will be furnished.   If you want to put any design's on the stick you will need a wood burner.  The patterns will be furnished .  Skill level:  novice to intermediate and  above.  Class size, minimum of 6  maximum of 10 .    Cost $40.00.   Information dsbraunberger@yahoo.com phone 715-723-3946


3.  Lee Belanger will teach a class on carving a lighthouse from cottonwood bark. Tools needed: detail knife, bench knife, micro carving tools, normal carving tools, and power carving equipment. Cost of material: $25.00 (which includes one piece of cottonwood bark). Intermediate and above skill level. Class size max. 10. Class fee $25.00


7. Greg Wirtz will teach relief carving and will have multiple patterns to choose from.  Greg has some new wildlife animal patterns from which to choose.  Tools needed: Sharp knife, gouges, especially #3s, #5s, V, and whatever other hand gouges you might have along with your own paint brushes. All else will be provided. All skill levels. Class fee $25 depending on size and type of wood.


5. Dan Haackwill teach carving caricatures and wood spirits. You can bring a rough-out of your choice or if you want Dan to provide one, contact him at least 6 weeks before the workshop. Material for the wood spirit will be provided. His email is danwoodcarver@gmail.com. Phone 715-4901029.  Tools needed: a sharp knife and palm tools. Rough out provided varies between $20 -$30.  Material for wood spirits $5 - $10. Skill level intermediate and above.


2.  Dave Kublankwho has done flatplane carving in the past will teach a class in spoon carving. Several blanks will be provided, from utility to decorative. A regular carving knife and carving glove are needed. A # 5 or 7 bent gouge is handy. Sand paper and finish will be provided. There will be a cost for each project.


4. Gordy Moscinski will teach a beginning carving class that will cover basic carving techniques including the safe use of carving tools, sharpening and finishes.  There will be a variety of carvings to chose from.  Including in the round, chip, and relief. Paints will be available. Class fee $35 for 5 blanks supplied. Knives will be available for purchase at the workshop.


6. Denny Neubauer We will be making a knife or gouge out of a drill bit or round drill stock. Students  will have your choice of handle material, cholla cactus or hard woods. Denny has developed dye sets for a 3, 5 or 7 sweep gouges. He will also cover different methods of sharpening and carving little people out of a 1” square sticks that will be 2-8” long. Class fee $35    Extra knife blanks $5


10. Larry Stenzel will be teaching Wood Burning Basics. He will cover tools, safety, a variety of techniques for shading and textures, coloring, finishing, and displaying your work of art.  Wood will be supplied for several projects, as well as graphite paper, red pens, and erasers.  He will have many patterns that you can use – or you can bring your own.  Tools needed: a variable-temperature wood burner and tips. Class fee: $40.


11. James Thalacker Students will finish the rainbow basswood trout carved in the 2018 class. The fish can then be mounted on the habitat of your choice after painting is finished.

All sealers, gesso, and paints will be furnished before other colors are applied. Fish will be sealed with a 50/50 mix of lacquer and lac-quer sealer. If you have any questions please feel free to call, text, or email me at 563-580-5834 or jrt@thalacker.com class fee is $90.00 and $15.00 for material.